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Athletic Shoes for Less

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Plus Size Fitness Clothing

Junonia Plus Size Fitness Wear
Junonia has a wide selection of plus size activewear and fitness wear that you will be proud to wear. Comfortable, figure-flattering styles that make working out at home or in the gym fun.
Women's Fitness Essentials
Women's Fitness Essentials

Women's Athletic Shoes & Clothing
Forget about wearing sweats and a t-shirt to the gym. Why not look forward to dressing for a workout with fun, feminine fitness wear from Activa Sports. Get high quality, stylish workout were here before your next workout.
Cheap Personal Trainer
Cheap Personalize Workouts

Personalized Workouts for Your iPod & Computer
Now you don't have to pay a pricey personal trainer for a professional, modivating workout session. Try this new service from iTrain, offering hunderds of workouts for your iPod or computer. Define your exercise goals and immediately download a new workout to match those goals.

Strength Training Exercises: Arms, Core, Abs, Legs and Back

For a well rounded exercise plan, strength training should be a part of your overall routine. The more muscle tone you have the more calories you can burn with not exercising, as well as aiding in some of the aches and pain we get as we age.

Strength Training Exercises Articles and Information

Stability Ball Exercises for Increased Core Strength
Get tips for stability ball exercises that increase strength and flexibility of core muscles; improve fitness results through abs and back workout routine..

Improve Strength and Flexibility of Legs With Stability Ball Exercises
Get tips for stability ball exercises for legs and lower body muscles including glutes, quads, hips, hamstrings and calves; increase strength, balance and flexibility.

Increase Upper Body Strength With Stability Ball Exercises
Get tips for stability ball exercises to increase strength, and flexibility of upper body muscles of arms and shoulders; learn home workout routines and proper positions.

Basic Stability Ball Exercises and Workout Routines
Get stability ball exercise routines and workouts to increase upper and lower body muscles, abs, back, and chest strength and flexibility; find activities for balance and core training.

Core Exercise Training: Proper Technique for Abdominal and Lower Back
Get tips for proper technique for core exercise training; get moves and routines for increasing strength of abdominal and lower back muscles.

Strength Training Exercises for Toning Ab Muscles
Learn great tips for effective abs exercise. Also learn other necessary steps to keep your abs in perfect shape.

Exercises to Strengthen Back Muscles & Relieve Back Pain
Suffering from back pain. Learn useful tips to avoid back pain and simple exercises to tone and strengthen your back.

Basic Core Strength & Stability Exercises
Strengthening the core helps the body stay strong in all situations, so that if your core is in good shape, your limbs have a better support for bearing up under strain.

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