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Ten Tips for Keeping Your Exercise Program Fresh

The hardest thing about doing any exercise routine is staying with it over time.

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Consistent exercise is the core of physical fitness, but the demands of daily life sometimes get in the way. Women who want to tone up, men who want to bulk up, we all experience dips and rises in will power. Read on for lifetime tips to keep you moving toward your health, weight loss or strength training goals no matter your lifestyle.

  1. Set Your Goals. Having physical fitness goals, especially concrete ones, will help you stay motivated. Be specific as to the type of fitness you want to achieve, saying "I want to lose seven pounds" or "I want to be able to run two miles". Finally, write your goals down, and keep track of how you're doing.
  2. Try Something New. If you get bored with the same routine, try a new hobby or sport. Dancing, tai chi, hiking or a pick-up game of basketball will charge you with enthusiasm and give you some exercise. For a jump start, try a popular fitness boot camp.  
  3. Give Yourself Some Credit. Starting a program with a tough schedule can be overwhelming, but you don't have to run five miles or complete an aerobic workout all the time. Take a brisk, 15-minute walk, play Frisbee with friends, or try gardening. Just move around: you don't have to lift weights all the time to have a fit lifestyle!.  
  4. Distract Yourself. Especially for beginners who have always avoided athletics, exercise can feel tedious. Listen to music or books on tape while you work out to keep your mind engaged while your body does the work.  
  5. Pair Up. Having a partner can help you stay with an exercise program when you might otherwise take the day off or cheat a little. The camaraderie and companionship of an exercise partner can make your workout a lot more fun.  
  6. If You Can't Do It All, Do Something Anyway. Like the dieter who breaks the diet and never goes back, exercisers may entirely fall off the wagon after missing a single run or skipping the Pilates class. Give yourself a break if you miss your workout: do a little if you don't want to do it all. Something is a lot better than nothing!  
  7. Know Your Enemies. Some people lose workout momentum on holidays: others do too much and have to take time to recover from muscle strains. If things keep getting in the way, identify your fitness enemies and make plans to deter them with healthy habits.  
  8. Work Exercise into Your Plan: Fitness rarely happens by accident. Choose to take the stairs, arrive early at work to park further away and walk. If there's a class you might take, sign up as soon as the mood strikes. Jump into fitness so you can't talk yourself out of it!.  
  9. Talk to Yourself. A little personal pep talk can make the difference between a skipped weight lifting session and a terrific workout. Tell yourself how good it will feel to get out there and move around for your health. Praise yourself when you have a good routine. Be kind to yourself, and motivate from the inside out.  
  10. Be a Team Player. If training at home or walking alone bores you, find a social venue for exercising with a group. Folk dancing, soccer, and water aerobics can satisfy your inner social butterfly while getting your heart rate up. Even people-watching at the gym can be fun—and you may even pick up some new workouts ideas!
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