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Increase Strength of Arms and Shoulders With Stability Ball Exercises

When it comes to toning up the arms and shoulders, many people feel the need to hit the free weights or weight machines intensely for upper body exercise techniques. While fitness equipment at the gym can certainly help you achieve your arm muscle tone goals, you can get great results anywhere (even at home) with a stability ball workout for the arms. So, put on your Reebok shoes, put the workout program videos aside for a while and start working your way to better strength and flexibility with an inexpensive stability ball workout routine.

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Stability Ball Basic Position Pushups

Grab your stability ball and put your hands on the top of it, flat. Position your body to be at a 45 degree angle with the floor and try to get proper form by balancing on your tip toes. Do a traditional pushup onto the ball with your target being about two inches from the ball and then push back up into your starting position. Repeat this action 8 times, working your way up to 3 sets. This specific exercise can help you tone and build the biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs.

Stability Ball Elevated Pushups

For better health, it’s important to mix up your exercise routine regularly. This is another way to use the stability ball for pushups. Begin the exercise by placing your palms on the floor. Rest your knees on the top of the stability ball and lower your upper body down until your face is about two inches from the floor (like a traditional pushup). Then push back up and repeat the process 8 times, working up to 3 sets. This particular exercise is ideal for those who want to tone the pectorals, biceps, triceps, abs and shoulders.

Stability Ball Workout With Dumbbells

You can obviously get a great arm workout by using the stability ball alone. However, combining the stability ball with dumbbells can take your workout to an even higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. Begin by sitting on the stability ball and holding a dumbbell in one hand. Drop the hand down between your legs and keep your back straight. Curl your arm holding the dumbbell toward your chest and then lower it back. Repeat the exercise 8 times and then switch hands, putting the dumbbell in the other hand and repeating with that arm.

Another exercise to do with the ball and the dumbbells can work your triceps very effectively. Sit on the ball and put the dumbbell in one hand. Then raise it straight over your head at full extension. Next, bend at the elbow and move the weight back behind your head, carefully. Move it back to the full extended position and repeat. By sitting on the stability ball you are not only working your arms with the dumbbells but the rest of your body because the ball requires you to maintain balance and work muscles you wouldn’t normally work during the arm exercises with dumbbells.

Why Are Stability Balls So Popular?

Stability balls allow you to combine the process of working out various muscle groups at one time, in a very easy way. By just maintaining balance when sitting on the ball, you are without noticing working your abs, legs and more (even if you don’t really move much). They are also very inexpensive and can be quite portable. They can fit in suitcases while you travel or even be used at the office during lunch.

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