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What Fitness and Aerobic Exercises Can You Do During Pregnancy

As the belly protrudes, exercise does not have to go by the wayside. Granted, there are some cases where a physician will very specifically warn away a woman of any kind of exercise, and may even curtail such daily activities as walking.

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Yet by and large the droves of women who stay away from any form of exercise during their pregnancies do themselves a great disservice, since it has been proven that remaining fit even during pregnancy will make labor easier and recovery shorter.

If you have done aerobics before the onset of your pregnancy, continuing to a certain level is entirely appropriate. There will have to be modifications to your regimen, of course. Conversely, if you have never done aerobics before, after becoming pregnant is not a good

time to start.  By and large, you will need to stay away from any exercise that will cause you to overheat, since this will directly stress your unborn child. Keep plenty of water close at hand and be sure to drink before, during, and after exercises. Do not try to keep up with all the other (non-pregnant) women in the room, but instead focus on getting your heart up to about 130 to no more than 140 beats per minute.

While everyone knows that breathing is a vital part of exercising, you will be surprised how many people hold their breaths! This is dangerous if you are pregnant and you will need to make that you are very conscious of your breathing patterns. As you progress in your pregnancy, reduce the exercises that require you to lay flat on your back. Completely avoid any exercises that necessitate your laying on your belly. Dangerous forms of exercise to also stay away from are squats.

Some women choose to forego exercise and fitness not because of health reasons but because they no longer feel beautiful and attractive, thus choosing to hide themselves away on the sidelines. A healthier way of looking at yourself and your ever expanding bosom and waistline is the fact that a new life is growing within you, and this is something that nobody can copy or fabricate, but instead it is a miracle! If even this knowledge does not sway you and you are still uncomfortable with the way you look, perhaps taking this discomfort and concern and turning it into a desire to do something special and healthy for your body will strengthen your resolve to continue exercising and staying fit. After all, exercise is a great vehicle to put you in a better mood, help you deliver a healthy baby, labor shorter, and recover faster! There are attractive maternity workout clothes and also very specific workout videos for pregnant women!

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