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I Love Aerobics! How to become an aerobics instructor?

Maybe you’ve started aerobics and have fallen in love with it. Maybe you’d like to do aerobics for a living, teaching other people what you’ve learned.

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There are two well-known certification organizations in the U.S.; the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Being an aerobics instructor does not require a license, but health clubs, the YMCA and gyms usually require certification.

Besides, you’ll want to know that you have a complete understanding of your work so you can teach with confidence.

Where you live determines the preference of local organizations for particular certification: check with local gyms and health clubs to see what they require of their instructors before deciding what sort of program of study you will enter. The ACE and the AFAA both have textbooks and exams for certification, with written and practical sections. You’ll also need CPR certification, which you can get from the Red Cross or from the American Heart Association. Some workplaces will pay employees to get CPR and basic first-aid training on the theory that in an emergency, those people will be highly valuable: your boss may pick up the tab for that part of your training. Courses in kinesiology and anatomy are useful for those without previous athletic training: they may make it easier to pass the exams.

If you love aerobics, you may decide to work as a part-time or full-time aerobics instructor, or you may even want become a personal trainer as well. The health industry continues to boom, and the occupational outlook for those in preventive health maintenance looks pretty good. People have figured out that more time spent in the gym means less time in the doctor’s office, and committing to a regular schedule of exercise is a small price to pay.

The best aerobics instructors are not only knowledgeable; they are fun to be with. A really great instructor makes even beginners feel comfortable, teaches the steps slowly so you really "get it”, and warns you before you manage to hurt yourself by doing something your body wouldn’t like. Best of all, great aerobics instructors make the process enjoyable. They choose fun music, instruct their students carefully, dance joyfully and clearly like to be with people. An instructor’s sociable, outgoing nature makes students look forward to coming to class.

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If you love aerobics, you are one lucky son-of-a-gun because you enjoy the exercise that gets you fit faster than anything else short of boot camp. Now all you do is increase your intensity little by little over the years, as your body turns into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine. Your bones will stay stronger as you age, and decreased body fat reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer. I’ll bet you feel more beautiful already!

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