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Home Exercise Equipment that's Cheap and Effective at Getting You in Shape.

If you canít afford a pricey gym membership or simply like the idea of working out in the comfort and convenience of your own home, inexpensive home exercise equipment might be a great fitness solution for you. Discount home exercise equipment can help you get the body youíve always dreamed about, great overall health and offer you a great commercial gym alternative.

Exercise with Simple, Inexpensive Equipment

Free Weights and Bench

Lifting weights can not only tone your muscles but also help you burn calories in the process. If youíre just starting out, you may want to purchase a few pairs of inexpensive dumbbells. Dumbbells can help you tone your arms, shoulders and chest areas. Try buying them in two different weight amounts, to allow yourself the opportunity to use the most appropriate weight for each specific exercise. If you plan to bench press and use heavier weights, youíll need to also find a bench for your free weight training.

Stability Ball

A stability ball is a great tool to use if you want to tone up your abdominal muscles. Stability balls can often be found for under $15 and can help you increase your health and fitness levels in many ways. They are great for working on muscular balance, postural awareness, improve coordination, target core muscles, strengthen and tone muscles and can help prevent injury. In addition, they are easy to use, easy to store, are portable and very budget friendly.


If you love the great outdoors, a traditional bicycle might be a good and inexpensive option for you. Biking around your neighborhood or city can help you enjoy the outdoors and burn calories while doing so. Bikes are ideal for those who want to tone up their lower abs, legs and buttock areas. Bikes can be tricky to manage if you donít have garage storage but some of the modern models do come in fold up versions which can easily fit in any hall closet.

Yoga Mats

If you have weak joints, a bad ankle or just want a relaxing workout, yoga is a great choice. When it comes to trying yoga, the only thing you really need is a yoga mat. Yoga mats come in various sizes and levels of comfort. However, you can get extremely inexpensive versions for less than $5 in some areas.

Exercise Fitness Videos

If youíd rather not drag in bulky home exercise equipment, you can always opt for a fitness program via exercise fitness videos. They require extremely minimal storage area and can be very effective in helping you meet your fitness goals. All you need is a video player or DVD player and a television to get started and take the next step toward better health.

Used Exercise Machine Options

If youíre set on getting a heavy piece of home exercise equipment but want to save money, look for used exercise machines. You can often find a used treadmill, Stairclimber, elliptical, Bowflex or Nordic Track at garage sales, gym sales or at online auction sites. Remember, you donít have to spend a lot on home exercise equipment to get fit. Itís more about what you do than what you do it with. So, forget about unloading thousands of dollars in cash for a new home gym and focus on inexpensive home exercise equipment you can afford.

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