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Buying Home Cardio Equipment Tips: Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stairmasters & Stationary Bikes

Do you hate the thought of going to a gym to get the daily exercise and fitness workout you need? If so, home cardio equipment can be a great solution for you. Choosing to buy your own home cardio equipment comes with many benefits. From treadmills to a rowing machine, nothing is off limits for the home today.

Cardio Equipment

First, when you think about the cost of one piece of equipment in comparison to the cost of an annual gym membership, you will quickly find having your own workout machines can inexpensive compared to what you might pay for monthly fees at a neighborhood gym or for hiring a trainer. Secondly, being able to work out at home provides you with the comfort and convenience you may require if you want to meet your weight loss or weight maintenance goals.

Use this guide for tips on various home cardio equipment options. Then decide how much you can afford to spend, what pieces of equipment you’d be more inclined to actually use for something other than a clothes hanger and what options mean most to you and which options you’d happily do without.

Treadmills for Running & Walking Workouts

When the weather is beautiful outdoors, you may be a person who loves to walk around your neighborhood for exercise. But, when the weather turns rainy or cold you likely don’t venture out for your necessary physical fitness. If you find yourself feel lazy when the weather is not appropriate for outdoor walking, an indoor treadmill might be the motivation you need. Today’s treadmills come in a variety of styles with a variety of functions. If you can afford it, try finding a treadmill with a built in heart rate monitor. This will help you stay within the rate you need to be, to fit your fat burning or muscle conditioning goals. A heart rate monitor will allow you to get the most efficiency out of your workout. Remember, if you don’t get your heart rate up you may not be making very much of a difference in your health (even if you walk daily).

Ellipticals for Full Body Cardio

Many gyms have expensive Precor elliptical machines people often wait in line to use. However, those who like to workout at home can purchase their very own elliptical they never have to wait on. While Precor can be quite pricey, there are many elliptical machines of varying prices to fit any budget. An elliptical machine is ideal for those who want to get a great overall body cardio workout without putting stress on their joints (most specifically their knees). It somewhat simulates the running motion without the joint stress. Many calories can be burned with this machine, however. So, it’s not want to take lightly.

Stairmaster for Toned Butt & Thighs

Do you dream of having perfectly toned legs and buttocks? If so, a stairmaster might be what you need to make your dream reality. Stairmasters have been around for years and years, although their popularity has declined a bit in the last few years. They are the ultimate lower body cardio workout and perfect for those interested in toning those areas of the body. They are quite small, compared to many other pieces of home cardio equipment which also makes them an ideal choice when trying to pick what you can fit in your home.

Stationary Bikes: Upright or Seated?

Another way to tone your legs and buttocks, without as much stress on the knees, is via a stationary bike. This is great for those who love riding their bike in lovely weather, as well. A stationary bike can help you tone your lower body and ab areas. The “seated” types are best for lower ab work and buttock work while the traditional styles offer a better leg training session. Many stationary bikes come with digital displays which can help you set your goals for distance and even adjust the level of resistance. Of course, you can also get very simple models for under $100 which come with only distance trackers. Some stationary bikes have built in heart rate monitors in the handles, which are great options to consider.

Home cardio equipment can be bought used or new, which can help you fit it into your budget. When searching for used equipment, ensure the quality of the equipment has not been compromised. If you feel the equipment is not of good quality, it may be unsafe for you to use. After all, you’re trying to improve your health and your body, not harm it! Thus, it’s important to try out any used aerobic equipment before making a purchase.

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