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Fitness Workout Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

At the start of the New Year, were you one of the millions of people who headed to Gold’s Gym center or Bally Fitness Club to sign up for a gym membership in hopes you’d change your bad health habits this year? While not everyone can afford a gym membership or personal trainer, millions of others flock to buy home workout equipment during the first months of a new year instead. If you want to work on your health, an exercise program is a great way to do it and you’re obviously not alone in your quest for a healthier lifestyle. But, before you start working out read over these top mistakes made in a gym and be sure you steer clear of these bad gym habits, so you can get the most effective workout possible.

Gym Workout Mistakes

Mistake #1 Trying To Overdo It

When you hit the gym to start your weight loss transformation or bodybuilding goal, remember to start slow. It may be tempting to look at the hard core gym members doing one-arm pushups and feel as if you need to try the same things, at the same intensity. This is a common mistake because everyone requires different levels of working out, especially if you’re just starting out. Men tend to do this more than women, making it an “ego thing”. However, if you do fall into this “I can do anything you can do” type of mentality you will likely find yourself with an unwanted injury or strain. So, avoid the ego games and go into the gym without thinking you’re only competing with yourself.

Mistake #2 Going Everyday

Sure, ideally everyone would love to hit the gym every single day and be able to handle it both physically and mentally. But, statistics show you will be less likely to follow through in the long term if you set a goal of going to the gym every day. You’ll likely start missing days, feeling guilty, get bored or fall into bad patterns because you couldn’t maintain your impossible goals for attendance. You should still strive to get some form of exercise each day, but instead of forcing yourself to take an extra cardiovascular workout class at the gym, take a bike ride with your family or do a quick yoga DVD at home. Remember, if you are in pain or feel soreness the day after you start working out you need to take some time to rest and heal your body in between sessions.

Mistake #3 You Don’t Warm Up Your Body and Muscles

You’re at the gym to burn fat so when you arrive you rush to the treadmill or nautilus to get started, without taking the time to stretch specifically. Before you go to the gym, think about what area of the body you will be focusing on during your session. If you are doing an arm workout, running for a few minutes on the treadmill isn’t going to warm your arms up properly. Rowing is a good total and universal warmup exercise, as it warms up the leg muscle location, the arm area and the abs.

Mistake #4 Too Much Repetition in Your Workout

Unless you’re going to the gym for physical therapy and your therapy coach has instructed you to do the same workout each and every time to rebuild a specific area of your body, sticking to the same workout is not a good plan. Falling into a routine is easy but it can be full of errors and leave you bored and possibly at a point where you hit a plateau. Keep a workout diary and switch your workout up a bit each week. Try a new free pilates class or dance class at the gym to give your body something new.

While these are specific mistakes made at the gym, other simple tips to remember include drinking enough water so you don’t become dehydrated and take a break in between sets. Just keep in mind that you want your gym workout to be the most efficient and effective workout you can possible do, to save yourself time and see the results you need. Being aware of and avoiding these mistakes is a great way to be on your way to better overall health!

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