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10 Exercise and Fitness Myths

Every workout has its legendóweight lifting can make women too bulky, aerobics burns fat better than resistance training and weight loss can be achieved in seven days or less if you drink the right formula.

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Some myths stick around, hinder your workout and maybe even put you in danger. Let's dispel them.

  1. To get fit, you need an organized physical fitness routine. Actually, not true. If your life has lots of action, if you love to walk your dog, play Frisbee with your neighbors and work in your large garden, you're probably getting cardiovascular workouts and resistance training without resorting to gyms. Exercise counts, in whatever form it takes.  
  2. Weight lifting is the same thing as resistance training. Some people avoid resistance training because they don't like weight machines and feel uncomfortable dealing with weights and barbells. But you can also do resistance training with large rubber bands, using the weight of your own body to provide the resistance. You can also work with an exercise ball to increase stability and work out your large and small muscles without lifting weights.  
  3. Cardio isn't enough to make you fit. Cardio work is good for increasing your aerobic capacity and for fat burning. If you add strength training into the mix, you increase your muscle mass, which in turns causes increases in your fat burning capacity. But cardio can include exercises that strengthen and tone, and if you engage in a cardio workout three or four times a week, you may not necessarily need additional weight training to be fit.  
  4. Weight lifting makes women bulky. This myth has been perpetuated by the fact that the women weight lifters we see on TV are bulky; but that's because they want to be! It takes a lot of effort for a woman's muscles to acquire bulk—special diets, particular exercises and focused attention on the goal of being a body builder. Women who work out normally using weights will in fact see their muscles become smoother and tighter, looking long and lean, not bulky or bunchy.  
  5. Discipline means sticking with your routine—even through plateaus. There's a lot to be said for discipline, but when you hit a workout plateau, it's time to change your exercise routine. Programs that work for a few months may start to lose their effect after awhile, often because your level of fitness has increased to the point that you need more challenges or difference exercises to increase the work of your muscles. If your workout has become tedious or you're not seeing the same gains you have previously, consult with a trainer and see about changing your routines.
  6. Being overweight is bad for your health. That depends. Your weight may be higher than average because you have more muscle, not necessarily because you're fat. If you're a few pounds over what the weight charts say you should be, calculate your Body Mass Index instead of relying on an outmoded weight chart. You can't rely on a chart to indicate your health: consider your aerobic capacity, your strength and endurance, and the way you feel.
  7. To be fit, you have to join a gym. Lots of people join gyms and then don't go to them, or go to them, but socialize instead of working out. You can achieve great levels of physical fitness at home, either with training machines, weight training, exercise videos, or even just walking five days a week. You don't have to fork out gym fees to be in excellent health, to lose weight or to get stronger.
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