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Back Exercises for Lower and Upper Back Muscles that Will Strengthen and Stop Pain

One of the most common and most debilitating ailments is back pain, and specifically lower back pain. Because the spine is central to everything we do, even ordinary daily activities such as sitting, driving or carrying things can cause compression in the vertebrae of the spine or neck, and accompanying pain in those areas or in other areas of the body. Suffering a back injury can out you out of commission for awhile. Back injury makes the rest of the body more vulnerable, as someone with a back injury finds it difficult or impossible to exercise normally.

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Reducing Back Pain with Stretching Exercises

Strength training for the upper and lower back is often prescribed to reduce back pain: if you strengthen the muscles of the back, you're less likely to injure them in everyday activities. You may start with gentle stretching, move on to exercises that tone the muscles of the back, and gradually add weight work to increase the work your back can handle. Yoga is great for minor back pain relief because it stretches, tones and strengthens your muscles with no jolting or heavy lifting. A typical Pilates workout includes exercises that stretch the back and tighten the abs, increasing your core strength and reducing strain on the back.

Back Pain can Effect Other Areas of the Body

If your pain is more serious, or if you find yourself with leg, shoulder or neck pain, a trip to physical therapy may be in order. Sometimes back pain appears in a different part of the body: called "referred pain", it sometimes surprises sufferers that, in order to cure their leg pain, they have to do back exercises. But because our nerves all run through the spine, damage or stress to a nerve in the back can show up as pain in a different location. Therapy systems like the McKenzie exercises can deal with referred pain: find a McKenzie expert online at http://www.mckenziemdt.org.

Back Rehab After Surgery or Injuries

If you've suffered a back injury like a slipped disk or crushed vertebra, you may face surgery and rehabilitation. Rehab can help by providing corrective support such as lumbar supporting furniture, ergonomic chairs or braces. Returning to fitness and health after surgery takes perseverance, and you may be tempted to skip the back exercises in favor of painkillers, but don't do it! You'll just be trading one problem for another. Use every method you have to keep moving: check into water fitness, which can strengthen and give you a great workout without the risk of added injury. Because water exercises are no impact, the strain is lessened throughout the body, making them ideal for people who want to exercise but who also need support. Swimming has long been considered an excellent exercise for back pain, as all the muscles are worked without the jolts and pressure associated with exercise on land.

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