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Men Shouldn't Skip the Aerobic Exercise in Their Gym Workout

Thus far aerobic exercise has been thought by many to be little more than dancing to music in a gym environment. Perhaps this accounts for the reason why so many aerobics classes at the local gym are so sparsely attended by men!

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After all, weight lifting and treadmills are considered manly, but sweating to the oldies is not. Yet those few that have ventured into the aerobics class testify that there is a lot more to the exercises than meets the eye; as a matter of fact, strength, stamina, and dogged perseverance in the face of tiredness are requirements for all those who would successfully participate.

It is a shame that common wisdom dictates that men should focus more on their abs with bodybuilding and perhaps also weight lifting, yet in

following this notion many men forego the lifesaving and fat burning aerobic exercises that increase the heart rate and prime the lungs. In addition to the foregoing, several forms of aerobics exercises, such as cycling and also water aerobics, will increase your flexibility, which in turn will help you to stay accident freer and less injury prone during your weight lifting exercises.

If none of these – though thoroughly manly – reasons inspire you to kick up your heels in an aerobics class, consider the fact that most of them have an attendance of more than 80% female, which makes it a wonderful vehicle for the few lone men in there to meet women!  This, one may be assured, is a decidedly manly occupation of time.

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